10 February 2011

work schedule?

I've been finding that my schedule for writing is sporadic at best. I try to write while Declan is at school, but I'm finding that I need to do more housework and chores while he's away. I cannot forget that my main function is being a stay at home dad, not one who sits at a computer all day spinning tales of wonder and glory, while the little mister plays contentedly in the other room. My writing has nowhere justified me to be a work from home dad.

Usually, while he's off being a sponge at school and I do finish my housework, giving myself freedom to chip away at whatever story, I find myself planning for the next written excursion across the page as opposed to actually writing it.

That's ok...but oftentimes, I don't find myself actually writing until the next day, or at some point after the whole house has gone to bed. That's too much of a gap.

Which is why, after this week's goal is met and I decide on which story to run with, I need to set a schedule and stick to it. Unfortunately, my dear wife, it will probably be while you are sleeping. We will see.

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