27 April 2011


This past weekend, the family made a trip down to Virginia to visit relatives. I must say that it was a very refreshing trip filled with fun, well...family, and you guessed it: food.

I'm not sure if someone's math was off, but we had enough food for forty people and, in reality, there were roughly fourteen adults and eight kids. It's not that we're gluttonous. There's a real appreciation of food. Good food. For example...we set the record for having the largest sandwich in Virginia on Easter weekend existing for the shortest amount of time. Add to that about two dozen brats and two dozen hot dogs (I would have specified the animal, but...), some sort of pineapple fluffy stuff which would have made a cannibal sit down at a table, enough lasagna to paint a car with and such an obscene amount of ham loaf we could have molded it into a meaty Venus de Milo. Crazy.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my stomach still hates me (three days later) and all the work I had been doing by cutting out my snacking and easing back into exercising has been completely thrown out the window. But it was done under circumstances and surrounded by family which were very enjoyable. So even though I'm not too pleased with the outcome, it is somewhat justifiable. 

Thanks, VA.


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