17 April 2011

something that works...did you notice?

I think I've found out what part of my problem is. If I share too much about the story I'm writing, I lose interest. And by 'share too much' I mean, anything. So I've been keeping things to myself as of late, hence the lack of updates. On the upside, I've really been tearing through the story (which I do think will end up being a novella in the end– but we'll see).

Also, I've made another decision: I'm going to start using this blog as an outlet for whatever– creative ideas, things I'm up to, writing (obviously) and I'm going to try and update it every day (or at least 5x weekly), so if you get sick of me, I'm sorry.

On one last writing note– regarding my deadline of April 30th– it's gonna be tight. So tight in fact that I am leaning toward moving the date, but we'll see. April, I failed to see, was home to many celebrations and goings on– gatherings, birthdays, Easter, etc. So there have been nights where I sit and write a few hundred words and then get too tired and start shooting typos out my ass. When that happens, it's time to go to bed.

Oh, and that last sentence reminded me of something I was going to say: I'll probably be a lil bit crass at times, so be forewarned.

Back to writing.

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