16 February 2011

Decision made and week two goals.

I must apologize...sort of. On Friday, I stated that I picked the story I would be finishing. Then, on Monday, I threw a monkey wrench in my plan by stating I was changing my mind. If that caused irritation or showed that I am wishy-washy, sorry. But! The good news is this: I have found the story I am going to finish. The orphanage story I spoke of Monday is definitely it. I can see the story from start to finish and I can assure you it is tons of fun to write.

So my goal for this week (albeit a condensed week) is this: I will establish a rough outline and also determine which point of view to use when writing the story. The latter is a very important goal as it establishes the broad vantage point of the story. Am I, as a writer, telling it or living it? How emotional can I get with the story, seeing as how it is for younger readers? A lot of questions surround this crazy point of view aspect. I will be deciding on and elaborating on my decision too.

So, week two goals: rough outline and POV establishment. stay tuned.

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