14 February 2011

week 2 goals. sort of.

Pardon this post if its ramblings make no sense and are riddled with typos. I went to bed at 2:30 this morning after a near 5 hour write-a-thon. I know that I've chosen the story I'm going to work on first, but Saturday night I found myself looking at lampshades by Quentin Blake (of which I will be choosing one to decorate my writing nook...if I ever get a writing nook)...anyway, into my head popped an old idea I had about an orphanage.

I sat puzzled for a moment wondering why this little idea popped into my head. It had been one of those square peg/round hole kind of things. It just didn't seem to work out. So it got filed. Well, staring at a lampshade of all things, something just clicked. I mean really clicked. It was a sort of situational pun...the light bulb went off while staring at a lampshade. I know...not funny, but I'm tired so cut me some slack. Anyway, back to Saturday night. I literally laughed out loud at how obvious the solution to my problem was. I darted across the dining room, grabbed my idea book and scribbled. And paced. And wrote. And laughed. Then, not wanting to over think it, I took my idea and went to bed. I've been thinking about it all day in fact. And I had to do something about it. Characters were forming, scenes were building and my idea book is just little. So I wrote. I wrote for a long time and I walked away with a good start which might be somewhat decent.

This does go to show one thing...a writing plan, no matter how detailed and sure it may be, can all go to pot when inspiration comes knocking. So stand by. I'll keep you posted on how this progresses. I'd very much like to stick to the original plan, so I am giving this a week to see what happens. If I feel it's getting hung up, I'll turn back to the first story...if this wave of inspiration continues to move, I'm going to ride it out.

And I'll keep posting.

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