07 February 2011

this week

As previously confessed, I've started writing over ten books and have yet to finish one. This, I hear is not uncommon for first time writers, or writers in general. Which is why I tend to not beat myself over the head for it.

I have some word files, papers, doodles, ideas, sentences, even titles of classical song pieces which help me get in the right mindset for a certain piece. My problem is that they're scattered around the house and in various computers and in email trails, etc. This week I'm doing two things: I must take my mish-mashery of ideas, started stories and miscellaneous what-have-yous and organize them; consolidate them, if you will.

That is goal number one. Goal number two will be done whilst winding along the path of my imagination. As I am reading, reviewing and revisiting, I will be making a decision. I will decide which of these ideas to hoist upon my shoulders and run with. And once I decide that, I will not stop and can not stop until I write the last word on the last page.

Consolidate and decide.

Needless to say, this is a big week.

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  1. Best of luck to you buddy. I want you to succeed!