04 February 2011

the plan.

I've been thinking about the best way to approach this blogging/writing combo so it will optimize my time and make this blog the most advantageous it can be. Here's what I'm thinking...

Since the primary goal of me doing this blog is to inform you fine readers of my writing progress, I'm going to commit to updating the blog two times a week- minimum.With regard to blogging the actual progression, I'm going to do this: at the beginning of the week (mondays), I'm going to post my weekly goal(s). Then, at the end of the week (fridays), I'll share my progress along with the positives/negatives, etc. at reaching those goal(s).

I'd also like to update the blog with my writing process and my creative processes too. So I'm hoping to interject, throughout the week, one or two more posts with that.

Now, I should address something here and now. I won't be sharing every detail of my book with you (please take no offense). I'm going to approach this as if I have a mini publisher in my pocket who keeps shouting the dos and don'ts of disclosure. But don't worry, I'll disclose things, I just don't want to give too much away. We'll learn together as we go.

Sound good?


  1. Blogger has improved a bit over the years, didn't realize it 'til I saw yours, guess now I'll use it for my new blog. tks.

  2. no problem. it's actually been within the last year it's improved so much. it seems that sites like wordpress and weebly have really upped the ante for customizable blogs.